Words of Wisdom from Top Brokers and Agents

A few members of the WhereToLive.com team has a chance to attend Century 21 Canada’s national convention in beautiful Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island last week. We had a chance to talk to our customers, attend sessions, and enjoy some incredible lobster. A productive work trip.

Among the sessions we attended was the broker recognition part of the general session. Top brokers from across the country (and, among the top in the world) were brought on stage and recognized for their success over the previous year.

The top brokers in various recognition categories were given a chance to share some thoughts on what’s been working for them. Here’s what we learned.

vito-award-recognition1. Hire great people. This was by far the most comment given by company owners. While the owners get to go on stage for recognition, top brokers are quick to credit their staff for their success. We’ve seen how big of a difference this can make for clients. Companies can’t grow if they’re dependent on the owner for day to day decisions. But, they also can’t grow without managers skilled in the day to day operational challenges of running a real estate company.

The people we’ve seen transform companies in this role tend to be doers who are comfortable with technology (but not necessarily techies). They also like building systems to improve efficiencies within their companies. This may involve technology, but could also be creating quality documentation of processes, easy access to forms, and quality training videos to aid onboarding of new agents. Vito Campanale‘s team at Century 21 First Canadian Corp. is a great example of how much having great people in leadership positions pays off.

2. Embrace technology. Every top company on stage pointed out that embracing technology was one of the keys to their growth and productivity. At a certain point, it becomes physically impossible to keep track of everything without systems in place to help with marketing, communications, transactions, and reporting.

richard-pochylko3. Mobile is incredible. Every day, agents and brokers are figuring out ways to do more and more of their jobs without ever touching a laptop. I happened to spend some time in the Toronto airport talking to Century 21’s Agent of the Year, Richard Pochylko, where he boasted about being able to run his business from his phone followed by a conversation about his grandkids. Leveraging technology is not a young person’s game in 2015.

While it would still be tough in 2015 to throw away your laptop for good, the shift of time spent using a phone or tablet rather than a laptop continues to grow at an incredible rate.

This, of course, can be a mixed blessing, since being available from anywhere tends to also mean you’re expected to be available from anywhere at any time, but that’s something real estate professionals are learning how to manage.

WhereToLive.com representatives did a break out session to focus on this topic. Both how to leverage mobile to grow one’s business, but also how to keep mobile from managing you.

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