Which Variables Affect Traffic on Real Estate Websites?

Your brand is strongest when home buyers and sellers have a consistently great experience no matter which agent they’re interacting with. This relationship starts on the web, so it’s important to have the tools in place to measure what’s working, who’s participating, and who needs help living up to your company’s brand promises.

When it comes to managing a web presence, we see three common behaviors about real estate agents.

1. Some real estate agents will take the advice they’re given and immediately execute on that advice.

2. Another group will never follow good advice no matter how many times it’s given to them.

Of those two, you can probably imagine which group is more successful in the business over time.

3. The third group is not opposed to work, but they tend to need some justification of why it’s worth investing time in taking the advice they’ve been given.

One way WhereToLive.com supports this type of broker/agent conversation is by providing stats on what’s working for group #1 vs. #2. We work hard to measure why some agents see far greater success with their web presence than others and provide that information to our clients. Here are some examples of what we see.

Does having an agent photo make a difference?

Agent Pageviews With without Photo

Not surprisingly, agents who haven’t bothered to post a photo of themselves online don’t receive much traffic on their broker powered sites. Frankly, that’s a good thing since their web presence is a poor reflection on the companies they work for. Beyond traffic, the chances of being contacted by a prospective buyer or seller are basically zero for the photo-free crowd.

Does More Website Content Correlated with Increased Traffic?

Agent Pageviews by Website Wizard Sections Complete

Having a picture is a good start, but does a single paragraph of content beyond that make an agent website complete? WhereToLive.com powered sites use an interview process to help agents build their sites called the WebsiteWizard. This allows us to track how many sections of the WebsiteWizard they’ve completed. As you can see above, agents who’ve taken the time to share more about themselves online earn significantly more traffic than those who are more of a mystery to prospective clients.

Does Blogging Make a Difference?

Agent Pageviews With Without Blogging

Is it worth spending time blogging? If your goal as an agent is to increase traffic to your website, then the answer is yes. Beyond the raw numbers, receiving a call from a prospect who starts their conversation with “I was just reading your blog and . . . ” is a real winner since they are far better qualified than someone who has simply looked at a picture of you alongside a series of designation icons they don’t understand or know how to value.

This is a taste of how we support our clients’ relationships with their agents. We help create the hoops agents should jump through in order to earn the traffic, leads, and revenue a quality web presence deserves, while giving our clients (the brokers or franchises) the tools they need to increase participation throughout their network.

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