What Johnny Cash Teaches Us About Real Estate Technology

Every day at WhereToLive.com, we receive phone calls and emails from companies who’ve created the latest must-have technology for the real estate industry. There is a never ending supply of companies built on the idea of getting $20, $50, or $100 per month of out 1 million real estate agents.

Some of the new offerings we see are downright awful. Their “solution” doesn’t solve any of the many challenges real estate professionals deal with day to day. Occasionally, the concept is sound but the implementation falls flat.

In other cases, the solution to the problem is well thought out and the implementation is well done as a stand-alone solution. These are the ones that have a chance of gaining traction and changing the industry.

However, there is a big leap between creating something valuable and creating actual change in the real estate industry. Much of this depends on technology adoption rates.

One Piece at a Time

Which brings us to Johnny Cash:

In his classic song, “One Piece at a Time,” Cash describes building a car one piece at a time using parts smuggled out of an automobile plant one part at a time over several years.

Now, up to now my plan went all right
‘Til we tried to put it all together one night
And that’s when we noticed that something was definitely wrong

Unfortunately, many real estate agents, brokers, and franchises approach real estate technology with the mindset Cash jokingly describes and achieve similar results. And they end up with something that looks questionable, is hard to drive, and doesn’t achieve its promised goals. The combination of multiple vendors, multiple logins, multiple interfaces, and poor integrations leads to poor adoption of a stitched together technology quilt.

At WhereToLive.com, we’ve found that technology integration leads to much higher adoption rates, which leads to greater tech success. It’s not the technology itself, but the adoption of the technology that determines who wins or loses.

We do everything we can to create marketing solutions that are powerful, intuitive, and easily accessible. For example, our clients (and our client’s agents) don’t have to spend an extra $20/month per listing on single property websites through third parties since the technology is fully integrated into our platform. This allows agents to not only save money but time they could be spending interacting with clients and prospects.

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