Using Pinterest to Attract Traffic and Improve SEO

Real estate agents earn a living by meeting new people, staying in touch with past clients, getting referrals, etc., so it usually comes as no surprise that leveraging social media websites can be a great way to reach out to prospects, get connected, and generate new business. Social media can have a similar effect for entire brands, as well. Not only does a company profile, fan page, and the occasional tweet help expand your brand’s exposure, foster brand awareness, and bolster brand loyalty, but it can also have a positive impact on your website’s traffic and technical SEO.

Pinterest on Google Trends, a relatively new social website, is gaining a lot of virtual ground, quickly becoming a major contender for the time and attention of many internet users.

The chart to the right illustrates that in the last 6 months alone, Pinterest (blue) has surpassed LinkedIn (red) and is already roughly half that of Twitter (yellow) in terms of search volume index according to Google Trends.

Pinterest users can create and share virtual cork boards containing images and videos they’ve discovered on the Internet. Each pinned item, in turn, provides a backlink to the webpage on which the item was discovered. To really sweeten the deal, these backlinks do not include the dreaded ‘rel=”nofollow”‘ attribute, which means search engines will take them into consideration when determining the value of the destination page. This can yield big SEO benefits and traffic gains for real estate websites that provide share-worthy property photos and video tours. As Pinterest users pin photos and videos to their “Awesome Luxury Properties” and “Cool Places Around Town” boards, your website gets free marketing to a highly targeted market AND a free, followed backlink to boost your website’s SEO and general web credibility.

Pinterest ButtonLike many social media sites, Pinterest also provides handy plugins and buttons would that fit neatly into home details pages, blog posts, and more. Curious if something on your website has already been pinned? Use this handy tool (just replace “” with your website’s domain):

Here are a few examples:

Why not create a board to showcase each of your listings? Or take visitors on a tour of your neighborhood? Setting up your own boards to promote yourself or your brand is simple. Follow other users who’ve created similar boards, repin photos, and share photos on Facebook and Twitter.

Lastly, once you’ve set up your account, don’t forget to heed Ed’s great advice and take your social media efforts to the streets. If you find someone who’s pinned your content, shoot them a quick E-mail just to say thanks! Or if you stumble upon someone with a board filled with DIY projects, send them a link to your “handyman’s dream home”.

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