Using Drip Email Saved Searches Effectively

A common problem I’ve seen with drip email campaigns is that they aren’t updated after a successful transaction. For example, if a family with kids in junior high buys a house in Tampa for $400k, they’re probably not going to be looking for the same type of home the next time they’re on the market since, presumably, their kids will be moving out.

So, perhaps they’d like to stay in the same price range, but downgrade the number of bedrooms while getting closer to the ocean? That’s just one example of a scenario that an agent could ponder when helping craft an appropriate saved search criteria.

To do this, an agent with RE/MAX Metro could select an appropriate geography on the map, such as South Beaches, then filter for an appropriate price, such as 350-450k. Additional homes in that area immediately disappear. One could further refine the search criteria as needed.

Metro Agents South Beaches

Then, click to save the search for a drip email campaign:

Save Search Email

The key here is to set an appropriate frequency rate. Remember, this person just bought a home, so probably doesn’t want to hear from you 365 days per year. But, a weekly or monthly email showing them what’s out there is often well received.

Another similar tactic for this is to help people set up a drip email campaign for homes near their new home. This can be an effective way to remind the home buyer how prices are changing in their neighborhood over time. People love knowing what their neighbors’ homes are listing for, so automate that service for them by setting up a drip email campaign of saved search properties to meet their needs.

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