Uploading high-resolution pictures to the OnlineOffice

Consumers love high-quality pictures of potential homes they want to purchase.  Looking at a low-resolution, hard to view pictures is a huge letdown when considering a large investment such as a home.  To that end we allow and encourage high-resolution photos to be uploaded via the OnlineOffice.

To save space many MLS boards take your original photo and reduce it in size and quality before sending it to us.  This makes the consumer experience not as good as it can be.  Since great photos can reduce the time the home is on the market and help increase the consumer experience, agents who upload the maximum number of high resolution photos to the OnlineOffice will benefit from a free Property Showcase (or Showcase21) on the listing.

To qualify for the Property Showcase (or Showcase21) all of your photos must be at least 1024×768 or higher resolution.  Since most MLS boards send us low resolution photos this can create an issue.  Here’s how to bypass the MLS and make sure that all of your photos look stunning for your potential buyers:

  1. Open the property you wish to update in the OnlineOffice
  2. On the ‘General’ tab make sure that the MLS Data Update is set to ‘Complete Update without Photos’
  3. Click on ‘Property Showcase’ or ‘Showcase21’
  4. If you see a photo with a red border around it that indicates that the image is not high enough resolution to qualify.  Delete all photos with red borders
  5. Click on the ‘Multi Photo Upload’ button and select the rest of your photos.
  6. Once the rest of your photos have been uploaded, click ‘Save & Close’

Allow the system a couple of hours to process your updated listing information and you should see a new ‘Property Showcase’ or ‘Showcase 21’ button in your listing.  Your listing will have an amazing consumer experience second to none!

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