Successful Real Estate Companies Have Successful Systems

Three team members, including me, had a chance to attend the Inman Connect Conference in San Francisco earlier this month. While the conference largely emphasizes new technology being applied to the real estate industry, one big take-away for me what that successful companies are rarely successful because of technology itself. They’re successful because they have successful systems in place that allow them to take advantage of technology.

For example, during a presentation regarding online leads, panel members mentioned things like:

1. We only give online leads to agents who’ve blogged on our site at least once in the past 30 days. Active online agents.

2. We follow up on all eLeads within 5 minutes.

In both cases, the technology is not what’s making them succeed. Clearly, they have quality websites or they wouldn’t have put lead routing expectations and procedures in place, but their real success is going to come from responding to those leads in a timely manner by people who are qualified to do so.

This is just one of many examples I saw of companies building systems suitable to their culture that leverage emerging technologies. The above examples may not fit your own company’s culture (although I think most people would agree that a timely response to online leads is the perfect first impression on the path to doing business together).

At, we create real estate web technologies that help our clients market and communicate more efficiently with prospects, customers, and internally. We also coach our clients on how to make the best use of web technologies to grow their businesses. However, in the end, success comes down to the systems businesses create themselves and take ownership in.

Find the right tools with the right team of people behind them; smart people who will continue to innovate to keep you ahead of the curve on technology. Then create usable systems and execute like crazy. That’s the winning formula.

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