Real Estate Map Mashups

Real Estate map mashups became popular a few years ago, and since then became the industry standard in searching for properties.   The concept of placing properties on a map, in a form of markers, is intuitive to users as it allows for visual geographical searches, in addition to qualitative ones.

Too Many Properties?The challenge, however, has been displaying all available listings on the map at the same time.  Modern browsers typically cannot efficiently display tens of thousands of listings on top of a map.  For this reason, most Real Estate map mashups are limited to displaying only a few hundred listings.   Because of this limitation, such sites quietly make decisions on what visitors do and do not see.  In many cases, only the first 100 most expensive homes matching a prospective home buyer’s search criteria are displayed.

We, however, approached the problem in a different way.  We didn’t  believe a home buyer’s search results should be limited by technology restrictions.   Instead of leveraging the same basic technology as everyone else, we built an innovative, proprietary system to get around this limitation.  This allowed us to display a virtually unlimited number of properties on the map, and to give consumers all of the results they asked for in a single fast-loading view.'s Search DesktopZoom BoxAdditionally, we developed custom tools to allow users to better navigate map searches.  For example, by right-clicking and dragging the mouse cursor, users can create a “zoom-box” and quickly narrow down the search area.

The combination or powerful searching, enhanced map functionality, unlimited listing display, and custom tools – all combined into a fully integrated SearchDesktop, provides consumers with the tools necessary to find their next home.

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