Real Estate Abbreviations and SEO: Ave vs Avenue; St vs Street

Search engines face the difficult take of matching up what people mean by their search with what people mean by the content they’ve created. One small example of where this isn’t exact is abbreviations.

The real estate industry loves abbreviations. Some seem to be legacy code used as cost saving measures when placing print classified ads. Others are nice shortcuts and obvious to everyone. Well, almost everyone.

While humans are pretty good at parsing out the meanings of most abbreviations, computers may or may not possess similar skills. At, we work hard to identify common abbreviations, then get people to what they’re looking for regardless of how the prospective buyer asked for it or how the agent entered it. This creates a better user experience for website visitors.

However, we know that not all sites where our client’s content may appear possess sophisticated search algorithms. Because of this, we recommend that agents use the most common format of addresses when inputting their listings.

St > Street
Ave > Avenue
Blvd > Boulevard
Rd > Road
Dr > Drive
Hwy > Highway
Pike > Pk
Parkway > Pkwy
Lane > Ln

This is one small form of search engine optimization (SEO) at a real estate property search level. While search engines – including real estate specific ones such as broker websites – work hard to resolve differences, it never hurts to give people exactly what they’re asking for.

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