Quantifying Real Estate Website Development Improvements

Successful websites are websites that are continually improved. If you don’t keep improving what you’ve got, you’ll surely be passed by those who do. WhereToLive.com takes this seriously, by rolling on new features on a regular basis on both the consumer facing front-end of our client’s websites and within the OnlineOffices used by agents, brokers, and franchises to maintain their sites.

Every once in a while, it’s fun to step back and try to quantify the value of changes that are made. Here are two examples that I think help illustrate how much impact design changes can have on the front-end of our client’s websites. Both of the graphs below illustrate a month by month perspective of a representative client’s website’s performance. First, let’s look at page views per visit:

Page Views / Visit by Month

Notice the significant lift last fall. At that time, we made a significant number of changes to the search interface on our client’s websites that made their site’s more usable for consumers. By learning from website visitors experiences, looking at website traffic statistics, and listening to feedback from clients, we came up with a series of revisions that let to a 40% increase in page views per visit on average. That’s a huge difference. The beauty of this is that the increase in page views came from an increase in visits to property detail pages. Exactly the type of pages we want prospects to get to during their home search process.

Slicing this data another way, here’s a look at a representative view of the lift in Time on Site statistics:

Avg. Time on Site by Month

If people are looking at more content per visit, they’re also spending more time on the site per visit. The more time they spend on our client’s sites, the less time they have in their day to spend on our client’s competitor’s websites. Over the past few months, our clients have benefited from a 35% increase in time on site among their website’s visitors.

Continuous improvement. Measurable results. That’s real estate web development experience in action.

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