Mobile Visitors to Real Estate Websites

Mobile website visitors behave a bit differently than people visiting from desktops or laptops. Here are some examples.

1. People search at night on weekdays.

Mobile Visitos by Hour for a Week

The graph above shows Mobile Visits to one of our client’s sites over the first week of February. On weekdays, mobile traffic is generally highest between 5-7pm. People are driving around after work to look at homes. The highest hour for traffic happened to be a Friday night at 9pm. Perhaps parents went home shopping after a movie before returning to the sitter?

2. People search during the day on weekends.

Not surprisingly, people drive around on weekends to look at homes. And they pull out their phones to find out more about the homes they are looking at. This peaks between noon and 6pm. In fact, the highest mobile traffic this past weekend was during the first quarter of the Superbowl.

3. Web Lead vs. Calling

When people are sitting at a desktop in a cube at work, it may be easier for them to submit a web lead than pick up the phone. But, on a mobile device, it’s far easier to click to call about the house they are sitting in their car in front of than to thumb their way through online forms. If they are in front of the house, just viewed a large number of high quality photos of the interior, know the price, then decided to call, you’ll want to answer the phone.

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  1. Fort McMurray Realtor, Susan Lore February 15, 2012 at 9:46 am

    We implemented a mobile version of our website last year, and are currently in the process of releasing an app in the Apple app store for our clients who want a more robust version of our site on their smartphones. So far the response from our clients has been great, and we’ve definitely noticed that people will “click to call” more often then they choose to call after browsing on our regular website.

    It’s not yet a huge percentage of our traffic, but it is growing. And the people who are using the mobile site use it A LOT!

  2. Jeff Geoghan February 24, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    Looking forward to digging in to our traffic together (esp. mobile) this spring, Ed.