LEMON Leadership Applied to Real Estate Broker Websites

LEMON Leadership is a business concept created by The Institute that challenges people to identify their business personalities and those around them so they can make the most of each person’s unique approaches to problem solving. The Institute has identified five common leadership personalities, listed below:

LEMON Leadership

For a fairly in-depth look at LEMON Leadershp, consider finding an hour to watch this presentation at Google by The Institute’s founder, Brett Johnson:

Whether you have an hour or not, here is what this has to do with real estate broker websites.

Successful real estate brokers tend to have a mix of LEMON types within their organization. Many people who own brokerages are Networkers, who used to sell real estate. They are very good at what they do, but, like each LEMON type, they have strengths and weaknesses. Entrepreneurs are quite common type among brokers as well.

Looking at the day to day operation of a real estate website, Networkers or Entrepreneurs are not going to be involved. It simply does not fit their personalities. Networkers can’t sit still long enough, and entrepreneurs are out working on their next deal.

Purchasing a real estate broker website is not a case of set it and forget it; something a Luminary, Entrepreneur, or Networker could find time to do (then move on to other things). This type of website succeeds when they have lots and lots of photos of agents and properties, lots of local content created by agents (bios, property descriptions, and blog posts). Systems makes it win. Consistency makes it win. Enabling Networker and Entreprenuer agents with systems and tools that help them present themselves professionally online (then get back to selling) wins.

Who does systems and consistency the best? Quality Managers.

Making sure you have the right types of people on your team can have a significant impact on your website’s success. If you’re an Entrepreneur or Networker, be sure to find someone who does not think like you to fill the role and a daily point person for the website.

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