How Quality Websites Turn Looky-Loos into Leads

When picturing how people interact with real estate websites during their home search, one conception is that people find a site, search for a home, then fill out a contact form. It’s as simple as that. And, that’s true some of the time. But, other times it’s far more complicated than that but no less valuable.

For example, he’s how one recent visitor to one of our client’s sites interacted with the site over the past 30 days before filling out a Request a Showing form. Starting in the upper-left, each arrow represents a visit by a single person on their path to requesting information using an online form.

Path to Conversion

This person first found the site by running a search on Google. They then returned directly to the site twice. That often happens if people bookmark the site, an agent’s site within the site, or specific listings. They returned again from a Google search. Their fifth visit back to the site came via Facebook. This could have been clicking on a link from a broker or agent’s page, a link from a listing sent to them by their spouse via chat, a Facebook ad, or other source. They then returned directly to the site, then by Facebook, then Google, then direct, then Google, then direct, then Google, then direct five times in a row, then via Facebook, Google, Facebook, and finally via a direct visit during which they filled out a Request a Showing form.

This visitor decided to turn themselves in on their 21st visit to the website over 30 days.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Is a lead from person who’s been to your website 21 times before contacting you more or less qualified than someone who contacts you on their first visit? They’re probably fairly familiar with your brand by their 21st visit to your site, which seems like something that would help turn a lead into a client.

2. Would this lead be as valuable if forced registration had been used to make them convert earlier? Or, would an agent dealing with a less qualified lead end up saying that it’s a bad lead, leading to the lead working with someone else when they’re actually ready to do business?

3. Is it possible to get someone to visit your website 21 times before they’re ready to turn themselves in if you don’t have a high quality website that prospective clients find valuable?

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  1. Jim Straughan July 10, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    I would think that the prospect who visited 21 times is the better prospect .
    Perhaps market to real estate market there may be variance however in London
    Ontario we seem to have fairly sophisticated prospective home buyers who
    spend a lot of time doing online home searches for keywords such as mls listing indicating a I want to find my home or house in London Ont myself !

    Regards Jim Straughan Real Estate Broker
    jim at
    London Ontario