Do the Emails You Send to Previous Clients Deserve to be Opened?

One of the biggest challenges faced by real estate agents is finding reasons to keep in touch with previous clients over the years that pass between transactions. Here are some of the best ideas that leverage technology to effectively stay in touch with previous clients.

At a high level, the emails that work best provide enough value to be consistently opened. Ideally, your contacts actually look forward to receiving emails from you. Prove to your previous clients that you care about them by sending them emails that pass the “What’s in it for me?” test.

1. Set up new property alert emails for them. Now that they’ve settled into their new home, the searches they used to find their new home are likely outdated. Now, they’re likely interested in keeping an eye on their new neighborhood. You can help them with this by setting up a property alert email for the area around their new home. Don’t set this for daily delivery or they’ll likely unsubscribe. Weekly is probably often enough. This gets you into their inbox once a week, automated, for free. powered sites make this very easy for agents to set these up for their clients.

2. Use LinkedIn. Don’t just sign up and connect with people. Use it. The best feature on LinkedIn for real estate agents is the digest of career changes your network has made. Block out some time to send personal notes to your connections congratulating them on their career changes. This can only be automated so far, but the personalization is worth the effort. You could be one of hundreds who wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook, or one of very few who congratulate someone right at the time when they may be prepared to start thinking about their next home purchase.

3. Use Newsle. Newsle is a service that tracks media mentions your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts earn. You’ll receive a digest email of those stories in your inbox. Take a few minutes to catch up on what your friends are doing that’s newsworthy (hopefully it’s good news) and send them a note with a quick comment about the story.

For #2 and #3,’s integrated CRM system make it easy for agents to send those personalized emails using professionally branded email templates, and track the history of those contacts over time, so they can be referred back to when the contact gets serious about buying/selling again.

People never forget how you make them feel. Using technology well makes it easier for you to make more people you know feel better about their days.

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