Can You Live Without Business Cards?

I tried an experiment at the last real estate conference I attended. I didn’t carry any business cards. Crazy, right?

Instead, when someone asked me for a business card I whipped out my phone, asked them for their email address and sent them a quick email.

It turns out that this generated far more follow-ups from people I met. That makes sense since it took friction out of the follow-up process. That contact didn’t need to keep track of a my card for days, make sure it didn’t go through the wash, find the card at an appropriate time, then transcribe my card into their computer or phone. Instead, they found my email in their inbox with all of my additional contact information in my signature.

This makes following up as simple as clicking the reply button, or visiting our company website as simple as clicking the URL in my signature.

This also helped me avoid coming home from a long week with a stack of cards to reply to. Remembering why someone gave me their card, transcribing cards into my computer, etc., is not the most enjoyable post-conference follow-up work. Instead, that work was already taking place via email.

Whenever you can take friction out of a process you’ll likely see better results. It turns out that this even applies to business cards.

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