Powerful CRM

CustomerConnect, Our fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system is the most polished in the market, and social media integration allows Agents to import Facebook friends and keep up with contacts’ Facebook and Twitter updates from within the system. Powerful contact management tools enable users to:

  • Quickly and easily import and manage contact data, merge duplicates and organize contacts into categories
  • Facilitate automated action plans and powerful drip marketing campaigns
  • Simplify and automate lead incubation and follow-up through seamless integration with the consumer website


Web-based calendaring makes it easy for your Agents to stay organized online. Accessible from anywhere, our Calendar system manages appointments, open houses, to-do lists, and events with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Because our Calendar system is synchronized with the rest of OnlineOffice, Agents can access their Calendar through our Webmail client and receive E-mail reminders for meetings and upcoming open houses.

Contact Management

Our powerful Contact management system enables your Agents to store as much information as they’d like about each contact, down to their pet’s birthday.

Synchronized with the entire WhereToLive.com Platform, our Contact management system creates new Contacts based on consumer website leads, syndicates contacts to our Marketing Center, associates contacts with listings, and tracks E-mail correspondence.


Marketing Center enables Agents to leverage all of the property information and contacts they’ve loaded into the OnlineOffice to create high-quality, broker-branded marketing items for print and E-mail.

Generate print-ready PDFs for flyering and personal promotion, and conduct E-mail-based marketing campaigns using templated layouts and designs.