Individual Property Websites

There are may ways to provide single property websites for agents. We believe that we’ve created the best system on the market today. And, the most affordable.

Single property websites – done right – should provide easy access to property information for interested buyers. However, they shouldn’t stop there. Done right, they should also provide access to all active listings in the market (presented by the listing agent) so qualified home buyers can continue searching until they find the property that’s right for them.

We provide custom domain names (for a fee) that automatically direct visitors to the active listing. This domain can be promoted through sign riders, mailings, inserts, etc. People visiting that domain will find exactly what they expect to find: information on that property. But they’ll also have easy access to the rest of the local market’s inventory, presented by the listing agent. This helps turn that qualified visitor into a lead by helping them find the property that’s right for them.