Robust Community/Neighborhood Pages

Location matters, but few real estate sites provide quality content to prospective buyers at the community level. If your website only provides listings, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to demonstrate your Company and Agent’s local expertise. addresses this for you by generating community and neighborhood pages for every city and neighborhood where you have listings. Beyond that, you can define additional communities that may not be legally defined, but are commonly know such as “downtown”, “uptown”, or the names of new developments. You and your Agents can gradually build out original content on those pages using a combination of blogging about those communities and a community Wiki where Agents can contribute nuggets of local expertise.

This is especially powerful for attracting relocation buyers who are not as familiar with various cities and neighborhoods in your community. Help them understand why people in your community live where they live, what it looks like, and which Agents have expertise in the communities that interest them. This increases conversions to leads, and should also increase conversions from leads to transactions.