Best-in-Class Search

Location, location, location. Start there, then make it easy for buyers to refine the results to price ranges and specs that suit their needs. Update search results on the fly, so buyers can learn the market as they tighten their queries. Make it easy for buyers to save and share what they’ve learned with family and friends on the way toward their buying decision. And, of course, make it easy to contact an Agent when they’re ready to talk.

We’ve found that a well designed map based search interface is the most efficient way to get buyers to the listings in the area that interests them, filtered for what they can afford, with a perspective on where the properties reside. People like to quickly skim through content until they find something that truly interests them. Then they like to go deep on that topic. Our well designed search interface does just that, leading to qualified buyers narrowing in on the properties that suit them best.