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Internet Trends with a Real Estate Perspective

KPCB Internet Trends 2013 is out with a fresh perspective on whether the internet is just a fad. It looks like the fad has continued to grow for yet another year. The full slide deck is below. Below that are a few takeaways that are particularly relevant to real estate. KPCB Internet Trends 2013 from …Read More

Providing Answers to Real Estate Questions

I’ve pasted a list of “How” and “What” questions below that have earned traffic to WhereToLive.com client sites to give a feel for what types of questions people are typing into search engines. In each of these cases, a person types the following term into Google or other search engine, found a blue link among …Read More

Is it Worth Having IDX Search on Your Real Estate Website?

Inman News ran an article recently about agents questioning whether it’s worth having IDX listings on their website. It kicked off with a profile of Greg Fisher in Fort Worth, Texas who decided to drop IDX listings from his site after doing a recent redesign: The search technology available for his site was not good …Read More

What do the Rolling Stones and Real Estate Professionals Have in Common?

When thinking about the future of the real estate industry – especially when it comes to how things may change online and with data – the music industry may be able to teach us some lessons. Over the past few decades in the music industry we’ve seen constant evolution of how we consume music. This …Read More

Why You Should Avoid Checkbox Recruiting

One of the biggest mistakes I see real estate brokers make in recruiting is to focus on checkboxes. By this, I mean that their recruiting package is based far too heavily on the size of the list of services (including technology) that they provide to their agents. Here’s the problem with that: everyone’s lists look …Read More

The (lack of) Popularity of Blackberry Phones for Real Estate Search

Blackberry was a new advertiser at the Super Bowl this year. They spent 30 seconds teasing viewers about the features in their soon to be released Z10 smartphone: Where does Blackberry stand today among phones used by home buyers? I decided to look at some traffic stats for an update. Here’s a look at the …Read More

Who Drives Technology Decisions for Your Company?

Brian Boero from 1000Watt brings up an interesting concept on how real estate companies should approach technology in 2013: Forget your tech vendors. Boero explains: For many real estate companies, technology and marketing means vendors. And – let’s be honest – many of them suck. But they’re there – at the conferences, in your voicemail …Read More

Does Content Freshness Matter in Real Estate?

“Does the freshness of content on real estate websites effect their rankings on Google?” This is a question we hear from clients from time to time. One of the many factors used by Google to determine which sites or pages deserve to rank at the top of search results is the freshness of the content. …Read More

Is Listings Search Traffic Going to Your Site, Your Competitors, or Syndicators?

We often hear from clients who are focused on ranking high for a term they consider important, such as “Homes for sale in ___X___” where X is a city they serve. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s great. But, the biggest drivers of traffic and leads to real estate websites aren’t terms like that. Instead, …Read More

A Few Observations from #narannual

I had the chance to attend the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS® annual Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL this past week came away with a few observations. Here’s a quick summary: 1. Facebook Page Generation Services are Dying. Last year’s Expo included many companies that built Facebook pages for real estate companies and agents. This …Read More