Automatically Twittering Your Latest Blog Posts

The broker and franchise websites built by include company blogs and individual agent blogs, which enables our clients to generate an amazing volume of original content about their local real estate market, communities, and other topics of interest to prospective clients.

Once great content exists, why not make an effort to spread it far and wide using services like Twitter? Luckily, there is a way to automate this process so you can tweet your latest blog posts – with links back to the posts – after spending less than 10 minutes setting up a account.

Once in place, will automatically monitor your blog for new posts. When it finds one, it will turn that into a tweet that will go out to your Twitter followers. One-time setup – long term benefits.

I’ve created a video to walk you through the setup process below. The sites you’ll need to visit during this process are Twitter, Twitterfeed, and

I hope you find this valuable. As always, be sure to create valuable content so people find your blog or Twitter account worth following and sharing with their friends. That’s the key to building a loyal audience of prospective clients.

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