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Elizabeth (Chesen) Hendrix

Elizabeth (Chesen) Hendrix has been a part of the team for 5,887 days.

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer


I believe my primary job responsibility is to provide an environment, systems and infrastructure to develop, maintain and empower our incredible Team to accomplish extraordinary things for our clients and investors.

Elizabeth is the Co-Founder of WhereToLive.com and has over 25 years experience in the real estate technology field. She has served as the company’s COO since its inception and is responsible for daily operations including developing and managing sales, business development, customer management, service and support, and general corporate operations. Prior to founding WhereToLive.com in 1999, Elizabeth most recently founded TechnologyEvangelist.com, a consulting business offering companies guidance in the areas of technology development, personal productivity and strategic vision. In 1992, she founded Superstar Computing, a company that grew from a “garage” start-up into the leading provider of technology tools, training and support in the real estate industry. As Chief Operating Officer, she was responsible for all daily operations including developing and managing sales, customer service, technical support and program content for tens of thousands of clients throughout the U.S. and Canada. Elizabeth was instrumental in the successful sale of Superstar Computing to Merrill Corporation (formerly NASDAQ:MRLL), a $400 million company, in 1997. Elizabeth attended the University of Minnesota and St. Paul Technical College, and became a licensed REALTOR in 1990.

What I do when I’m not at work:
Besides working more, I enjoy quality time with my wonderful family, travel as often as possible and live every day with passion.

“Z”, “Eliz” and “Big E”

Hidden Talents:
I am fluent in American Sign Language, play the oboe and can still do a flip on a trampoline.

Little known/interesting facts about Me:
Prior to my career in real estate and technology, I worked in Special Education. Ask me sometime about my first sign language interpreting position (the math class)…ughh!

Car(s) / Other Rides :
I enjoy roughing it in my 2015 Jeep Unlimited Sahara 4×4.

Office Dog:
Madeline (Maddie), a spoiled rotten Brussels Griffon (the same breed as Verdell from the movie “As Good As It Gets”), has come to WhereToLive.com with me every day for over 13 years. She has the most seniority of all of our canine employees and is by far the noisiest.

Other pets:
Isabella (Isy) is a spoiled rotten rescue kitty who keeps things rolling on the homefront and our newest addition, Alyeska (Aly), was a wild stray kitten who had been living in the woods behind our home patiently waiting for us to accept the fact that she had adopted us (which we eventually did).

Greatest accomplishments:
My incredible marriage, the relationship I have with my step-children and building WhereToLive.com.

Sioux City, Iowa – also home of Fred Grandy (Gopher on the Love Boat), Ted Waitt (founder of Gateway Computers), Colonel George Day (recipient of the Medal of Honor)…and some very smelly stockyards.

Favorite treat:
A great pair of stiletto heels (the higher the better)! And the richest, gooiest, darkest chocolatiest concoctions known to mankind…

Best childhood memory:
Saturday “Daddy Dates” with my father – we would spend the morning at his office, then hit a movie or some other activity in the afternoon. I learned much about business and life from him during those fabulous Saturday’s…we still do them as often as possible today…

Favorite/most memorable vacation spot:
Kona, Hawaii and Anchorage, Alaska

As a child, what I wanted to be when I grew up:
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the world’s BEST real estate technology and marketing Platform provider of course! I was in the womb dreaming about helping real estate organizations Win on the Web!

Life lesson to share:
Live life passionately — always treat others reasonably — and smile as often as possible.

Favorite Comedian:
Ron Shock (www.ronshock.com)

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