3 Critical First Impressions in Real Estate Marketing

Real estate agents know that first impressions are very important. That’s why they dress well, drive nice cars, and have platinum memberships to their local car wash.

But what happens when first impressions start on the web? Prospective clients will never see a sharp looking agent in their clean car if they get turned off by the agent’s first impression online.

Here are a few online first impressions worth getting right:

1. Can you be found on Google? The reality of search today is that many people start their search for just about everything at Google, including real estate. If someone goes to Google and searches for your name, what do they find? Hopefully, they find your professional website near the top of the search results. Ideally, they find a lot of you. For example, wouldn’t it be better if a search result for your name brought back ten results that were all for you? If you can pull that off, you’ll look much more web savvy.

2. What does your site look like? Is your site professionally designed? Is it current? Does it include a photo of you? Those are all keys to creating a quality first impression on your website. If any of those fall short, people may lunge for the most dangerous button on their web browser: the back button. With the rest of the web being only a click away, it’s key to build confidence in website visitors by delivering a quality experience.

3. Response time to leads. Let’s assume your first impression at Google warranted a click, and the first impression on your website managed to prevent people from bouncing back to Google. You’re now in a position to potentially gain a lead.

What happens if the prospect decides to contact you?

How long does it take you to respond to fresh leads?

Do you use an auto-responder? Do you think someone contacting you was hoping to hear back from a robot?

If they call you, do you answer?

If you don’t answer, what does your voice mail say (and sound like) and how long does it take you to respond?

Time is your enemy. A fast response shows respect, professionalism, and starts business relationships off on the right foot. A slow response gives prospects time to continue their search for someone who’s interested in their business.

How would you grade yourself on these three critical first impressions today?

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