Monthly Archives: March 2010

What Percentage of Your Website’s Content is Original?

It’s always interesting to see what website features stand out as being important to current and prospective clients in the real estate industry. In some cases, it’s design. With others, it’s something regarding search functionality. And a common one today is 3rd party syndication options. Creating professional looking websites with intuitive search functionality and plenty …Read More

Quantifying Real Estate Website Development Improvements

Successful websites are websites that are continually improved. If you don’t keep improving what you’ve got, you’ll surely be passed by those who do. takes this seriously, by rolling on new features on a regular basis on both the consumer facing front-end of our client’s websites and within the OnlineOffices used by agents, brokers, …Read More

Automatically Twittering Your Latest Blog Posts

The broker and franchise websites built by include company blogs and individual agent blogs, which enables our clients to generate an amazing volume of original content about their local real estate market, communities, and other topics of interest to prospective clients. Once great content exists, why not make an effort to spread it far …Read More