Monthly Archives: February 2010

Century 21 Canada Becomes Trilingual with Chinese – Century 21 Canada – in Chinese The Globe & Mail recently took a look at what impact the Chinese economy may have on the Canadian real estate market in an article titled, Chinese investors eye Canadian housing boom. Century 21 Canada’s efforts to serve Chinese speaking real estate buyers residing in China or …Read More

Real Estate Abbreviations and SEO: Ave vs Avenue; St vs Street

Search engines face the difficult take of matching up what people mean by their search with what people mean by the content they’ve created. One small example of where this isn’t exact is abbreviations. The real estate industry loves abbreviations. Some seem to be legacy code used as cost saving measures when placing print classified …Read More

Does Your Phone Number Have a Good Online Reputation?

Earlier today, I was talking to a client about a proposal they received from a search engine optimization consulting company. They were interested in finding out whether this particular firm was credible (the industry has more than its share of snake oil salespeople) so I took a look. One step I took was to Google …Read More