2010 Real Estate Marketing Resolutions

Here are ten resolutions for 2010 to help make your real estate marketing efforts as powerful as possible.

1. I will update my professional photo so people will recognize me when they meet me in person.

2. I will stop relying on MLS fed photos for my listings and upload large non-watermarked versions so my listings list awesome on my website.

3. I will test my bandwidth at Speedtest.net then call my Internet Service Provider to make sure I’m getting the most bandwidth I can for my money.

4. I will replace one key piece of technology every 6 months (laptop, phone, camera, printer/scanner).

5. I will set up a Google AdWords account and bid on some important local search terms. If I already have an account, I’ll give it a fresh look to make sure I’m getting the most out of it.

6. I will reevaluate whether my email signature is up to date. And that it’s consistent on my computer and mobile devices.

7. I will find out who the top bloggers are in my community and buy one coffee or a beer each quarter.

8. I will calendar myself reminders to blog, Twitter, check Facebook, etc. on a regular basis.

9. I will set up Google Alerts for my name, company name, and other important terms so I know what people are saying about me online.

10. I will create a video about myself, a development or my community and post it to YouTube.

What would you add to this list? What do you plan to do to grow your business in 2010?

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