Monthly Archives: December 2009

2010 Real Estate Marketing Resolutions

Here are ten resolutions for 2010 to help make your real estate marketing efforts as powerful as possible. 1. I will update my professional photo so people will recognize me when they meet me in person. 2. I will stop relying on MLS fed photos for my listings and upload large non-watermarked versions so my …Read More

Home Buyers Love Large Photos

I doubt anyone would disagree with the statement that home buyers love large photos of properties, so let’s look at a variety of ways agents can give prospective buyers what they want using currently available tools. 1. MLS: There may be exceptions to this but the photos we receive from boards are generally quite small. …Read More

10 Topics Real Estate Agents Could Blog About

Blogging isn’t for everyone, but among those with a knack for writing, posting images, or creating videos, here are a handful of topics that seems to suit real estate agents well. These are topics where agents tend to have above-average expertise that could be shared through blog posts in order to build connections with prospective …Read More

Google PlaceRank Brings Online Ratings Offline

It’s been well known over the life of Google that PageRank was an important metric the search engine created to help sort search results in a relevant manner. At the highest level, sites that have a large number of links to them from other high quality sites tend to outrank those that don’t. And now …Read More