Monthly Archives: November 2009

Who is the Primary Visitor to Your Website?

Last week, I wrote about the value of neighborhood and school information on real estate websites, and pointed out that the majority of prospective buyers using a real estate website likely have no interest at all in that type of information based on their age or lifestyle. As I thought about that more, I thought …Read More

How Valuable is School Information on Real Estate Websites?

I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations with real estate brokers over the years regarding whether school information is an important set of data to include on a broker’s website. While there are no definitively right or wrong answers to this issue, I thought it may help to share some insight into how I see …Read More

Getting Local With Your Real Estate Website’s Content

What type of content should real estate agents and brokers be publishing in order to demonstrate their local knowledge and earn additional free traffic from search engines? This is the topic of a conversation between Mark Eibner from BrokerIPTV and myself in one of our weekly Skype video chats: One huge opportunity for improve content …Read More

Google Maps vs MLS Listing Inventory: 10 Questions

Google latest move in real estate search – adding for-sale properties as a layer that can be turned on/off on Google Maps – could have a significant impact on how prospective buyers interact with listing inventory. It’s too early to say whether this is a game changer, but one thing seems clear to me today: …Read More