Monthly Archives: September 2009

The Cost of Unqualified Leads

Following up on last week’s post about generating qualified leads, I wanted to share some thoughts on a pattern in lead generation I’ve seen over the past couple years that puzzles me. An agent or broker will find themselves craving more real estate leads. No surprise there. To crank up the conversions, they’ll turn tactics …Read More

Generating Qualified Real Estate Leads

Figuring out the ideal way to generate real estate leads is one of the most hotly debated issues agents and brokers face on a recurring basis. The challenge here is that lead generating is both a science and an art since not all leads are created equal. Below are some thoughts based on experiences …Read More

The Long Tail of Real Estate Search

If you were to ask someone in the real estate industry what effective search engine optimization looks like, they’d likely explain by example. The example they’d most likely give is “ranking high on search engines for “_______ homes for sale” where the blank is the city or state where they do business. And they’d be …Read More

Real Estate Marketing with Neighborhood Tour Videos

Whenever I hear prospective home buyers discussing their buying decisions, one layer of the discussion revolves around neighborhoods. Before people start looking at individual properties, they tend to first talk about things like commute times, nearby parks, restaurants, and schools. This leads to the discussion of neighborhoods, developments, and condos that may be a good …Read More

The Consumer Experience is Your Brand

While it would be nice if consumers were willing to take our word for what our company’s brands stand for, in reality, their actual experiences with our brands have more impact than anything we tell them. Here are a few examples: Westin Hotels I travel a lot for work and often stay in popular national …Read More