Monthly Archives: August 2009

Thoughts from Inman Connect: Ed Kohler on Broker IPTV

I had a chance to spend a few minutes talking real estate trends with the fine folks from Broker IPTV during Inman Connect in San Francisco. If you have 4 minutes, check it out or click here for a transcript.

Single Property Website Strategies

Single property websites have become a popular tool in real estate agent’s marketing portfolios over the past few years. At a high level, the concept here is to create a website at a domain name that’s specific to the property’s address, such as Once the site is in place, it can be marketed a …Read More

RE/MAX Real Estate is on Twitter

This week, we surveyed the Twitterscape for Twitter using RE/MAX affiliated professionals, including agents, brokers, and employees at the head office. If you are missing from this list, please add yourself using the comments form below. John – @_Charleston Chad Beasley – @401CHAD Ken Kirupa – @905LuxuryHomes Nancy Helfrich – @AagentNancy Abby Mathew(abby) – @AbbyMathew …Read More

Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging for Real Estate

We receive a lot of questions about whether social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, along with blogging, are valuable tools for real estate agents. And, if so, what’s the difference and how should they be used. This is a shot at explaining some of the differences. All three options are free to use, allow …Read More

Yelp vs. Typical Real Estate Websites

One of the keynote speakers at Inman Connect this week is the CEO of, Jeremy Stoppelman., like real estate sites, publishes local property information. But rather than for sale properties, Yelp focuses on businesses. Being in the local business information business, Yelp’s obvious competitors include Internet Yellow Pages sites like and …Read More