Monthly Archives: June 2009

How to Market to Qualified Prospects Using Google Adwords

Scott Huber on the Zillow blog takes an interesting look at the value of cost-per-click advertising programs and explains that not all clicks are created equal: Audience and messaging are huge factors for what you pay for Web traffic. The reason that Google appears to be cheaper at the $1 to $4 cost-per-click (CPC) for …Read More

3 Critical First Impressions in Real Estate Marketing

Real estate agents know that first impressions are very important. That’s why they dress well, drive nice cars, and have platinum memberships to their local car wash. But what happens when first impressions start on the web? Prospective clients will never see a sharp looking agent in their clean car if they get turned off …Read More

What Johnny Cash Teaches Us About Real Estate Technology

Every day at, we receive phone calls and emails from companies who’ve created the latest must-have technology for the real estate industry. There is a never ending supply of companies built on the idea of getting $20, $50, or $100 per month of out 1 million real estate agents. Some of the new offerings …Read More – Property Search Overview client, Coldwell Banker Legacy, has published a demonstration of how visitors can navigate in search of their next home in New Mexico. As the video illustrates, visitors can search for locations, click to zoom in/out, and pan the map using their mouse. The results update in real-time as the location and zoom levels …Read More