Monthly Archives: May 2009

7 Thoughts on Listings Syndication

One of the biggest issues I hear real estate brokers debating across the country lately is how to build an effective listings syndication strategy. By that, I’m referring to whether or not brokers should push their listing inventory to ad-supported aggregation sites such as Trulia, Zillow, or Frontdoor to name three. I don’t believe there …Read More

URL Shorteners for Real Estate

A common scenario we see in real estate search is what I call “neighborhood discussions.” This is where people recommend neighborhoods to their friends that they think would fit their friend’s interests. For example, a friend may tell you that they’re looking to purchase a home near trails and dog parks to make Fido happy. …Read More

Real Estate Map Mashups

Real Estate map mashups became popular a few years ago, and since then became the industry standard in searching for properties.   The concept of placing properties on a map, in a form of markers, is intuitive to users as it allows for visual geographical searches, in addition to qualitative ones. The challenge, however, has been …Read More

Uploading high-resolution pictures to the OnlineOffice

Consumers love high-quality pictures of potential homes they want to purchase.  Looking at a low-resolution, hard to view pictures is a huge letdown when considering a large investment such as a home.  To that end we allow and encourage high-resolution photos to be uploaded via the OnlineOffice. To save space many MLS boards take your …Read More

Easier login to the OnlineOffice

When logging in to the OnlineOffice you need to put your full e-mail address in the user field.  Entering the full e-mail address can get a bit tiring for office or company administrators that need to log in to multiple accounts throughout the day. To help expedite the login process we have developed a really quick and …Read More

The Death of Print Newspaper’s Effect on Real Estate

When I heard the announcement that Denver’s Rocky Mountain News was shutting down, I hopped on my cell phone while riding in a car across New Jersey to ask a friend of mine in the real estate business to pick up a copy for me. While leaving a voicemail, the GPS in my rental car …Read More