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Some Thoughts on Agent Reviews

Agent reviews are coming. Actually, they’ve been here for quite a while already, but haven’t reached the tipping point yet where consumers rely on them and the industry embraces them. Some recent attempts to provide agent reviews have face significant pushback from the industry, including an attempt by to rank agents largely based on …Read More

Who Controls the 10 Blue Links for Listings on Google?

Searches for information about active listings are by far the biggest driver of traffic to real estate websites. In fact, it’s not uncommon for more than 80% of a broker website with IDX integrations and a search engine friendly website architecture to receive more than 80% of their traffic at the listing detail level. This …Read More

Can You Live Without Business Cards?

I tried an experiment at the last real estate conference I attended. I didn’t carry any business cards. Crazy, right? Instead, when someone asked me for a business card I whipped out my phone, asked them for their email address and sent them a quick email. It turns out that this generated far more follow-ups …Read More